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Who is eligible to sign up for Theater For All?

Anyone who resides in the New York City area or who visits the area regularly.

Can you explain the entire process to me?

Sign-up and purchase a low cost membership on the Theater For All ( website.

Shows generously provide us with tickets when they have last minute availability. Generally, tickets become available day-of or week-of the performance.

We immediately send out an email to members, who have successfully registered on our website, with show details and a link to reserve tickets.  We charge a nominal $5 handling fee per ticket in order to cover our expenses. Members follow the link in our email and purchase tickets on our website.

Members  pick-up tickets (with a valid student ID) at the theater’s box office and enjoy the show!

We may send out a single survey or promotional email  post-performance.

How much does it cost to join? How much do tickets cost?

Theater for All costs $15.99 per year to join.  Tickets are generously provided to Theater For All by various box offices and we charge a $5 handling fee per ticket.  For most shows, members can purchase between two and four tickets per show.

How long will it take my account to be verified?

Generally, accounts are verified within 24-48 hours.

I don't see any shows listed on the website. What's wrong?

Shows provide us with seats on a last-minute basis.  This means that we do not have tickets every day.  The best way to keep up-to-date with Theater For All is to subscribe to our mailing list.  All new shows are announced via the mailing list.

I’m having trouble logging into the Theater For All website…

First, ensure that you are logging in with your username or email address.    If you are having problems with your password, reset it here


How do I find out about new show offerings?

Upon registration to our website, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list, Latest Show Announcements.  This ensures that you will receive an email whenever new shows are added to our website.  To re-subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, go to My Account–>Notifications–> and select or un-select “Latest Show Announcements.” Click the Update Notifications button to save changes.  You also have the option to subscribe to text messages upon initial registration.

How many seats can I reserve?

Depending on the show, students can reserve a maximum of two or four seats for any given performance.  This allows other students the opportunity to see the show.

Where are my seats located in the theater? If I reserved multiple tickets, will the seats be together?

Seats are assigned according to theater availability and members are not able to choose seats.  While every effort is made to ensure that seats are together, it is not guaranteed. 

Can I bring a non-member friend?

Yes, you can bring anyone you’d like.

How do I pick up my tickets?

You will pick up your tickets at the theater’s box office unless otherwise noted. The theater’s box office address is provided on the Theater For All website when you reserve your tickets.  You must bring a valid ID (with photo)  that exactly matches your registered name at

I purchased tickets to a show but cannot attend. Who should I contact?

We ask that you only purchase tickets to a show if you can definitely attend.  Please contact: support (at) to report.  For frequent no shows, we reserve the right to cancel your account.  We know this sounds harsh, but $5 tickets are a privilege.

Payment &


How do I pay for a show?

Tickets are reserved at via Stripe payments which accepts all major credit cards. No other forms of payment are accepted.

Is your website secure?

We use SSL or a Secure Sockets Layer which is a security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a customer’s web browser and our web server.  For transactional information, including payment data, we use Paypal or Stripe which use their own security features to protect user data.

Will you share my contact information with third-parties?

When you purchase tickets, your name will be given to the show’s box office to reserve your ticket(s).  For show attendees, we may send out a single promotional email or post-show survey on behalf of a show’s box office/theater company.  Your contact information is not shared in these instances. Check out our privacy policy.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the last-minute nature of tickets, we do not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.  For subscriptions, you may cancel your membership at anytime but please note that annual membership fees are not prorated and are non-refundable.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at anytime.  Go to My Account–>Delete Account–> and type in your password to delete your account.  Once your account is deleted, your annual subscription will be canceled.  Note that annual subscription dues are non-refundable.  If you have any problems with canceling your account, we’re here to help.  Contact us at support (at)

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